Lista på företag som stängt ner Alex Jones

Infowars har publicerat en lista på de internetföretag som bannat dem. Man måste skrocka lite när man längst ner på listan finner moralens högborg, YouPorn. Självklart ska man i den mån det är möjligt bojkotta dessa företag och tjänster. Om du, käre läsare, mot förmodan är en storkonsument av den sistnämnda tjänsten så är detta ett bra läge för den där NoFap perioden…..

So far, the following companies have declared war on free speech:

Google Podcast
Sprout Social

Misesinstitutet har skrivit en artikel om varför vi bör vara oroliga över den här utvecklingen.

Yes, tech companies are private organizations with shareholders. Yes, nobody has a right to a platform, or a microphone, or an audience. Yes, nobody in America is being put in jail or fined by government for speech — yet (so-called hate speech laws already are in place across the West, and supported by many voters in the US). We do not advocate regulation of social media or technology companies under common carrier/utility theories or some tenuous expansion of public accommodations laws.

But the unholy nexus of state and corporate power is at the core of the libertarian critique. Big Tech is deeply involved with government at many levels, from data collection to spying to developing weapons and AI to providing cloud space to noxious federal agencies. Tech companies derive their economic, social, and cultural power not only from their competence in the marketplace, but increasingly from their connection to the state as well.

It is precisely this alliance that gives rise to justified criticisms of a power elite. Taken to its ultimate conclusion, the alliance becomes openly fascist. In this sense libertarians have every justification to oppose consolidations of economic power — and to recognize the blurring between First Amendment violations by express state actors and de-platforming of alternative voices by state-connected actors.

Is the Mises Institute next? Will we be de-platformed, shadow banned, or otherwise erased for promoting views — proudly radical, anti-state, and anti-war views — that the power elite cannot abide?

Har du något politiskt korrekt att rapportera? Då är det bara att klicka dig fram till rapportsidan och knattra lös på tangentbordet.


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